About a week ago, I bought the world's most awesome alarm clock... all I have to do is select my time zone and it does the rest; it even adjusts automatically for daylight savings time. I still say we should fall back 23 hours rather than spring forward one, but no one listens to me... Anyway, this wonder-clock has two alarms which I can set to play my iPod, radio, or my choice of two different ear-shattering buzzers. Best part of the alarm is that I can set it for weekdays, weekends or all seven days.

If that weren't enough, the absolute coolest thing about my clock is the snooze feature -- I don't even have to hit the snooze button -- I just wave my hand (or pillow) in front of the sensor and I get to snooze for nine more minutes. That's what sold me on it. I'm in love with the damn thing. It's like a little robot.

As I write this I'm watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I love old movies, and one of my favorite actors has always been Danny Kaye. He was incredibly talented and I love to watch him go (he's very energetic, that one). He can sing, he can dance, he can talk incredibly fast... he's hilarious. I wish more movies were like old movies and there were more Danny Kayes in the world.

Ah well... my awesome clock is telling me that it's time to have some fun! Have a great weekend! (I hear thunder... sounds like we might get some -- gasp! -- rain) *dance of joy* -- CORRECTION -- *RAIN dance of joy*