Went to the store to get gingerale and butterscotch syrup for gingerbeer 2.0, and since I was getting ice cream topping, I wandered down the ice cream aisle... OMG, they had ginger ice cream!  Haagen Daas ginger ice cream, some new-fangled marketing scheme, 5-ingredient ice cream and it's lovely... love... ly... Some ice cream tastes good for a couple of bites, until your tongue freezes, and then you may as well stop -- but this -- this was good until the last bite...

I also bought eggs, because I have 4 more cans of ale, and I'm going to try gingerbeer 1.0 with just yolks this time. Not expecting a significantly different outcome, but... I have 4 more cans of ale.

And it's raining!  I went outside and twirled around in it just to make sure, and it was... water was falling from the sky... just like rain. I love rain.