Well I'll be darned -- Pioneer Woman is coming out with a cookbook! I've already pre-ordered it. If you checked out my Random Stuff page you would know about her already, if you haven't... well I'm disappointed in all 5 of you... Anyhoo, I love her website because there's a lot of interesting stuff to see - I want to be her - but mostly I love it because when she posts a recipe she takes pictures of all the steps and makes little comments which crack me up. You can get to her website here, and this is the Barnes and Noble page where you can check out the book.

The company who administers my 401k plan sends a newsletter out, and since I'm a nerd, I skim through it to see if there's anything interesting in there. Well today there was - two volunteer ideas that would be cool for families with older kids (who, admittedly, might turn their noses up at hangin' with the folks), or singles who like to do outdoorsy things, or couples who like to spend time together, or just human beings (and some animals) in general. I'll add them to my RS page, but here they are, for your perusal:



So I watched a little Rachel Zoe as I wound down for the night last night, and even through my Benadryl-induced daze I found that I felt a little stressed out because she's always stressed out. I can't relate to that level of anxiety when it's about... clothes... (except in her case where they cost so bloody much). I just don't care that much (and I'm sure it shows). She's great at what she does, I guess... to be honest, I really don't know. Would these people look any better if they picked out their own clothes or is she really the magic behind it all? I mean, really... if I made an effort I could be stylish, I just don't put in the time. Eh. She's made a business out of it, I applaud her, I just don't understand it.