This section started off as a way for me to keep track of all the information I found when I was researching agents, query letters and royalties... I still haven't found one comprehensive site that addresses every question I have, but there are a couple that come close. The agent blogs, in particular, are extremely informative if you put the time into reading them.

It's eye-opening, that's for certain.

Agents Who Blog

--  Bent, Jenny
--  Bransford, Nathan
--  Diver, Lucienne
--  Jackson, Jennifer
--  McClure, Cameron
--  Nelson, Kristin
--  Reid, Janet - Query Shark - Get your query letter critiqued (if you're lucky)
--  Reid, Janet
--  Miss Snark


My Heroes aka people I know who have been published

Rachel Brady -

Mark Schooley -

And I recently found out that my 'brother' Kevin Marshall found an agent, so perhaps I can add him to the list soon! (YEA!)


Interesting approach to query letter writing

Royalties and Contracts

Sales and Industry Info: 
-- Publisher's Marketplace
-- Publisher's Weekly

Interesting Blogs