This will be my final blog on Weebly. This is the link to my blogspot page. I previously linked the blogspot account to this page, but then I realized I was doing it bass-ackwards because on blogspot I can reply to your comments (we can interact!), you can subscribe to my blog, and do all the neat stuff that you can't yet do on Weebly. =(

I will continue to update this website, so please come back and look around from time to time. For example, once I get back from Scotland, I will be updating my Scotland page. And I am always updating the Writing Biz , Recipes, and Random Stuff pages.
12/12/2009 04:15:00 am

I wish i was as good on computers as you are Kristy. I love your site and your Blog. When i get a little better at this i will try to comment more often.

Your pal


3/27/2011 02:02:19 pm

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